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•Full digital circuit ballast with maximum efficiency up to 95%
Pure aluminum alloy material is applied to help dissipate heat. Height and amount of crenate coolers (heat dissipation) are calculated accurately by thermodynamically technology. Products undergo rigorous testing to keep long-term safety and stability.
•Reflector applies special material to achieve 97% reflectivity
It’s convenient and easy for users to regularly remove and clean, and easier to maintain the reflector. This design achieves highest efficiency of lighting. Reflector can enhance deeper penetration, which enables irradiation more evenly and guarantees the best angle for planting illumination area.
•Ceramic socket with better insulation & non-flammability
Alumina 95 ceramics with better hardness, high temperature and pressure resistence and non-flammability is applied for the socket that matches Nanolux patented design. The unique structure design is convenient and easy for users to replace and maintain the lamp and to guarantee the safety of production and management.
•The installation of sheet metal arm is convenient and fast
Adopt sheet metal process design prevents the deformation and rupture that are caused by high and low temperature, thermal expansion and contraction. The lamp holder matching holes to fix the socket is more stable. The reflector matching a automatic design is perfectly combined with arm mold. This is a secure, convenient and stable design.
•0-10V dimming makes centralized control available
Control module in the fixture can make the group lighting control ON/ OFF available along with 20%~100% precise dimming adjustment.

Color Temperature 3K
Color Temperature :3000
Photon Flux:1700 µmol/s
Lumens Per Watt :110
Rated Life:10000 hours
CRI :85
Color Temperature 4K
Color Temperature :4200
Photon Flux:1600 µmol/s
Lumens Per Watt :100
Rated Life:10000 hours
CRI :97

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