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Adopting internationally leading low-sodium amalgam technology, it is more environmentally friendly; higher lumen maintenance and PAR output; adjustment of the spectrum increases the blue portion by 30%, providing the required red wave energy and blue wave for plant growth The balance of energy shortens the crop growth cycle, and the vegetable fruit color is more moisturized.

AN ESSENTIAL TOOL: Double ended bulbs are known to be brighter and more efficient than standard HPS and HID bulbs, delivering an intense orange spectrum that other lights cannot match.
SUPERCHARGED PERFORMANCE: These DE bulbs are powered from both ends for even firing and operation, resulting in even light coverage, a stronger output, and longer lifespan.
SEE THE DIFFERENCE: This higher caliber of bulb with a higher and stronger spectrum output will increase your vegging growth and overall flower density and yield.
COMPLETE YOUR SETUP: Designed to be compatible with high frequency electronic ballasts and double ended grow light reflectors
SPECIFICATIONS: Expected life span: 24,000+ hours;

600W HPS Grow Light Bulb color temperature: 2,000K; lumen: 96,600 lumens.

1000W HPS Grow Light Bulb color temperature: 2,000K; lumen: 159,200 lumens.