Eco Farm LED Quantum Board - RX-LM301-312 Series

RX-LM301-312 Series LED Quantum Board, designed for balanced growth,using Samsung LM301B high efficiency LED chips,additional 660nm spectrum, more effective medicinal plant-specific spectrum, creating tailor-made light recipe with up to 3.4μmol/J high efficacy for medicinal plants. Installed with thicker heat sink, WAGO 2060 & 221 splicing connectors and MEANWELL LED driver for lower temperature, higher reliability and longer lifetime. Due to its tailor-made light recipe, high efficacy, low temperature rise and long lifetime, RX-LM301-312 Series will be a great choice for hobby growers medicinal plants cultivation in small grow tents.

Best selling 288 quantum board 3000k 301b 150w 240w Samsungs led grow light with 660nm leds

125W LED Quantum Board(RX-LM301-312-K1)

 0.3m(12in)hight PPFD test,Center point PPFD:821.2μmol/m2m/s,Average PPFD:465µmol/m²/s
 0.4m(16in)hight PPFD test,Center point PPFD:565μmol/m2m/s,Average PPFD:355.8µmol/m²/s
 0.5m(20in)hight PPFD test,Center point PPFD:375μmol/m2m/s,Average PPFD:268.8µmol/m²/s

240W LED Quantum Board(RX-LM301-312-K2)

 0.3m(12in)hight PPFD test,Center point PPFD:1398μmol/m2m/s,Average PPFD:654.1μmol/m²/s
 0.4m(16in)hight PPFD test,Center point PPFD:908μmol/m2m/s,Average PPFD:512.2μmolµmol/m²/s

320W LED Quantum Board(RX-LM301-312-K3)

0.3m(12in)hight PPFD test,Center point PPFD:1439.2μmol/m2m/s,Average PPFD:727.5μmol/m²/s
 0.5m(20 in)hight PPFD test,Center point PPFD:730.2μmol/m2m/s,Average PPFD:472.1μmol/m²/s
 1m(40 in)hight PPFD test,Center point PPFD:235.5μmol/m2m/s,Average PPFD:197.4μmol/m²/s

480W LED Quantum Board(RX-LM301-312-K4)

 0.4m(16 in)hight PPFD test,Center point PPFD:1286μmol/m2m/s,Average PPFD:621.8μmol/m²/s
 0.5m(20 in)hight PPFD test,Center point PPFD:1037μmol/m2m/s,Average PPFD:526.1μmol/m²/s

600W LED Quantum Board(RX-LM301-312-K6)

 0.4m(16 in)hight PPFD test,Center point PPFD:1085μmol/m²/s,Average PPFD:727.5μmol/m²/s
 0.5m(20 in)hight PPFD test,Center point PPFD:860μmol/m²/s,Average PPFD:606.7μmol/m²/s

Alternating Current -AC vs. Direct Current-DC 
The difference between AC and DC lies in the direction in which the electrons flow. In DC, the electrons flow steadily in a single direction, or "forward." In AC, electrons keep switching directions, sometimes going "forward" and then going "backward."
Alternating current is the best way to transmit electricity over large distances.

Package Includes:

1.LED quantum board grow light
2. Heat sink
3. Meanwell driver 
4.0-10V dimmer
5. Connecting wires
6. AC plug cable/DC plug cable
7. connector 
8. Waterproof connector
9. Hexagon pllar
10. M4 Copper Column Screw
11. M3*5 tapping screw


Recommended for:

Grow tents, Grow rooms, Large indoor grows
Soil, hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems

    Manufacturer's Warranty: 

    3 years


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