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  • Galvanized steel sheet housing, plastic fan blade
  • Grounded Power Cord with US standard plug
  • Upgraded Advantages - The well-constructed balanced blades designed for long service life & quiet operation;
  • Household Applications - This versatile Inline Duct Fan is designed to exhaust and intake stale air through ventilating ducts; Helps boosting airflow for HVAC units; Perfect for bathrooms, workshops, basements and attics, grow tent/room and more
  • Grow Room Applications - Use it as intake fan and bring fresh air into grow rooms or tents; Can be used as an exhaust fan in smaller set ups
  • Functional & Friendly Design - Comes with galvanized steel sheet housing and dual crimped flanges on both sides to hook-up with duct easily; Solves air delivery problems without major system rework or expense