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The Hera 660 watt LED grow light is designed as a primary top-light for indoor cultivation or as a supplemental top-light solution in greenhouses for higher crop yields and better crop quality.

The Hera 660 watt fixture is only 3.2” wide and creates a very small shadow effect in the
greenhouse, yet it has 120° wide beam optics to provide excellent light distribution in a large area.

Each fixture comes with a 240v power cable and a 120v adapter. If you need an EU or AUS/NZ plug please let us know when you place your order.


  • Full Spectrum: Enlite Full Spectrum differs from other fixtures because they have added 10% more infrared which results in strong stem growth, proper node placement and larger flower yields

  • High-Efficacy LED Chips - Samsung LM301H diodes with an efficacy of 2.45 µmol/J and a light output of 1617 µmol/s

  • High PPFD: Flowering: 4' x 4' (average PPFD 1020 µmol/m2/s);

  • Excellent Heat Dissipation System: With a patented-design heat dissipation structure, Enlite Hera grow lights allow lower working temperatures

  • Waterproof Design: IP66 waterproof ensures the fixture can operate in humid and harsh environments
  • Dimming Control: Hera Supports 0-10V dimming which is compatible with the Enlite Smart Controller as well as most controllers on the market

Additional information

Spectrum Chart

PAR Chart


Wattage draw: 660 watts

HID replacement: 1000W

LEDs: Samsung LM301H

Beam angle: 120°

Lifetime: >50,000 hours

Spectrum: Full-spectrum white

Dimming: 0-10v

Efficacy: 2.45 umol/j

PPF: 1617 µmol/s

BTU's: 2,660

Coverage Area: 4' x 4'

Hang Height: 24" or higher

Dimensions: 48" x 3.2" x 5.4"

Weight: 20.5 lbs

Voltage / Amperage: 5.5A @ 120V, 2.75A @ 240V

Certifications: CE, ETL certified

Waterproof/dustproof: IP66

Manufacturer’s warranty: 3-year warranty

In the box you’ll find:

  • Light
  • 8ft Power cable 240V plug
  • 120V plug adapter
  • RJ11 Dimming Cable Set (To connect to the controller)
  • Hangers