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The FGI 730nm Lightbar is the longest dedicated far red initiator bar on the market. It will fully cover a 4' wide grow tray.

The 730nm Far Red Lightbar is designed for accessory canopy lighting and provides additional red energy outside of normal PAR (400–700nm).

Total PPF output is 72.11 umols/s. 

The Far Red Lightbar covers up to a 5’ x 2.5' area with very even intensity at 30” above canopy. It will cover a much larger area when used during lights off to manage the Emerson Effect in plants. 

The unit fits neatly within our Uniformity Pro 640. We recommend 2 units per 4x4 grow space for daytime enhanced lighting. 

These are well constructed units with a crystal glass lens cover to protect the diodes and allow for cleaning. The all aluminum frame dissipates what little heat the bar creates. At 30 watts the Lightbar sips energy too. They are IP65 damp safety rated. 

Each Lightbar is prewired with an 8’ cord and 110v plug and are stand alone. Separate timer/switches are recommended to control the light interval.

Far Red light is believed to create a competitive response in plants. In addition, growers are now focused on manipulating what is called the Emerson Effect. 

Dr. Robert Emerson, who taught at the University of Illinois, discovered that light on the far end of the spectrum, infrared light, boosted photosynthesis when combined with other wavelengths. Emerson’s primary observations included:

There are two chemical procedures that contribute to photosynthesis. These processes are hastened, and are more efficient, when the plant is exposed to far-red and infrared light.

The plant protein phytochrome absorbs red, far-red and infrared wavelengths; this protein is responsible for regulating flowering.

Modern indoor grow professionals have taken Emerson’s studies and applied it to their own gardens, finding that infrared light can also result in strong stem growth, tighter node formation and boosted flower yields.