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The Flora S6 PRO™ represents the latest in LED grow light technology. Designed for professional growers and cultivators, it offers high quality light, even coverage and is built for durability in any grow environment.

It features the Samsung LM301H LEDs made specifically for horticultural purposes.

Its exclusive combination of 4000k and Far Red (OSRAM) spectrum chips give it a massive light spectrum "backbone": more robust reds and blues, and more spectral depth and colors plants require for optimum growth throughout the vegetative and bloom phases.


  • Samsung LM301H Horticultural-Grade LEDs 
  • 4000k & Far Red chips for more spectral depth
  • Inventronics 0-10v Dimmable LED Driver 
  • Dimmer Knob (40%, 60%, 80%, 100%, External Controller)
  • Efficiency: 2.7 μmol/J
  • PPF: 1750μmol/s
  • Input Voltage: AC 100-277V
  • Size: 46" (l) x 41(w) x 4" (h)