G8LED 240/450/600/900W LED Grow Light

  • Best LED Grow Light:?2018 Wiki Top Ten #1 LED Grow Light. 2017 & 2016 "Best LED Grow Light" by HIGH TIMES Magazine.
  • Higher Par and Yields: G8LED lights produce higher quality plants with superb taste and aroma. G8LED light are designed with the highest PAR values with increased LED density to produce the highest yields in the industry.
  • Upgraded in 2019! Highest Yields and Highest PPFD PAR Values
  1. 240W: 970©ÆMol/m2/s at 12 inches.
  2. 450W: 1120©ÆMol/m2/s at 14 inches, 751©ÆMol/m2/s, at 18 inches
  3. 600W: 1104©ÆMol/m2/s at 18 inches, 648©ÆMol/m2/s, at 24 inches.
  4. 900W: 1580©ÆMol/m2/s at 18 inches, 990©ÆMol/m2/s, at 24 inches.
  • Coverage Area: Veg and Flower light is for your entire grow from seedling to harvest.
  1. 240W: Veg 3feet x 2feet (91cm x 61cm) | Flowering 3feet x 2feet (91cm x 61cm).?
  2. 450W: Veg 3feet x 4feet (91cm x 122cm) | Flowering 3feet x 4feet (91cm x 122cm).
  3. 600W: Veg 4feet x 5feet (122cm x 152cm) | Flowering 4feet x 5feet (122cm x 152cm).
  4. 900W: Veg 4feet x 6feet (122cm x 183cm) | Flowering 4feet x 6feet (122cm x 183cm).

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