G8LED 90W LED Grow Light Flower Booster

  • High Par and Widely Use: Each G8LED Flower Booster adds 770©ÆMol/m2/s of PAR at 12 inches to the grow room! All Red 630nm & 660nm can be added to any LED, CFL or HID system.
  • Promote Flowering: Add one Flower Booster per 8-10 square feet of grow area during the flowering phase to increase yield. The plants will respond with increased flowering within 1 week.
  • Highest Yields: G8LED produces the highest quality, most innovative indoor grow lighting technology. G8LED lights produce higher quality plant growth and the highest yields in the industry.
  • Best Led Grow Light: 2018 Wiki Top Ten #1 LED Grow Light. 2017 & 2016 Best LED Grow Light.

Specific Product Information:

Model/SKU: B005ZTJ980
LED wattage:?90?watts
Coverage area:
Flowering Coverage 3 feet x 3 feet (92cm x 92cm)
Daisy chain: No
Dimensions: 12.5 x 12.4 x 5.7 inches
Product weight: 5.45 pounds
Voltage: 110-220V

Certificates: ETL, CSA, CE, ROHS,?UL
Warranty: /
Returns: 90 days

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