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Brand: High Rise
Weight (lb.): 5
Prop 65: No
Height (in.) :2
Width (in.) :14
Length (in.): 14
Lead Time: Due to social distancing requirements, products ship in 3-5 Business Days
UPC: 678358668045
UL Listed: No
Drying Rack Material Type: Breathable Polyester Mesh
Drying Rack Type: Stationary Hanging Rack
Drying Rack Enclosure Type: Open

High Rise Adjustable Drying Racks allow you to carefully dry your herbs, flowers, or plant material evenly with ease!

Hang your drying racks from the ceiling of your grow tent or grow room and turn on your ventilation system to generate air movement to create the perfect drying environment for quick and even drying. Breathable Mesh material allows for great air circulation preventing the possibility of rot or mold forming on your herbs or plant material. The 360-degree design makes it possible to access your harvest from all angles. High Rise Drying Racks feature three detachable shelves that give you control of the amount of space you have.


  • These racks have 32" diameter drying layers
  • 6 individual drying chambers
  • Three detachable shelves allow you to have as little or as much space as you need
  • Easily collapsible design allows for quick and efficient storage
  • Easy to hang from any hook or bar
  • Can hold multiple pounds of plant material for drying

Note: The drying rack is folded up in the case, so be careful when removing as the drying rack will expand quickly similar to a cars sun visor.