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The HortiOne 368 LED lamp is a plant light for indoor grows. It is designed to provide a cost effective, innovative solution for indoor plant growing. Thanks to the full broadband light spectrum of this lamp, the HortiOne 368 is suitable for all plants in all stages of development, from seeds or cuttings through growth and flowering to fruit or seed production.

The construction of the HortiOne 368 is unique: mixed mid- and high-power LED technology ensure good results in the bloom. The neutral white light reflects the light of the sun in the best possible way and ensures that the plants grow naturally. In the LEDs used, the Hyper-Red (660nm) and Far-Red (760nm) light sources have a 1:10 ratio to each other. The result is the so-called Emerson effect or enhancement effect, which is known to increase the rate of photosynthesis.