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  • Multifunction: great for indoor plants, for better plant growth and flower seed germination, spring seedling starts and cutting propagation.
  • Professional RELIABILITY: heat mat Maintains temperatures in the Sweet spot of around 10℉-20℉ above ambient air temperature. It is good for seed starting and cutting propagation.
  • Energy efficient: T5 high output fluorescent fixture with wide reflector and one T5 bulb provides maximum coverage. Easy assembly and simple to raise or lower the fixture.
  • Provides Constant Temperature: Digital temperature controller for heat mat in colder or warmer environments. Provides temperature control between 40°F - 108°F (5-42°C), keeping your various environments in their ideal temperature range.
  • Package Include: 1-pack 54W 4 feet T5 fluorescent grow light stand rack, 1-pack 20" x 20" seedling heat mat, 1-pack 40-108 degrees fahrenheit digital heat mat thermostat controller. All products 1 year manufacturer .