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  • Increase Light Penetration: MX1200 LED grow light is equipped with 90 degree optical lenses; the lenses can concentrate light and help more light to reach your plants’ canopy; LED diodes are protected by the lenses as well
  • Reliable Performance and Well-Constructed: MX1200 LED plant grow light is built with USA brand CREE J Series 3030 LEDs and 150W Mean Well driver; the whole grow lamp consumes 120W, we used 150W driver for 120W lamp, the driver will last longer; this grow lamp used larger and thicker heatsink than other brands, it is helpful to extend LED diodes lifespan
  • Suitable for Seedling Veg and Flowering: Optimized full spectrum includes 3000K, 5000K, red 660nm and IR 730nm; 3000K is reddish and 5000K is bluish, their combination boosts indoor plants growth; red 660nm and IR 730nm are critical for blooming, they speed up flowering and boost yields; the whole light mixture looks naturally, you can check plants health directly under the light
  • Dimmable and DIY: MX1200 LED plant light supports 3 dimming methodologies: DC0-10V, 10V PWM signal or resistance; A resistance dimmer comes with the plant lamp; You can do more: you can DIY one dimmer to dim many units MX1200 indoor grow lights; for 2-4 units, you can use one of the equipped dimmers; for more than 4 units, you need to purchase an extra 0-10V automatic dimmer or manual dimmer
  • MX1200 LED grow light is designed for the growers who need high quality LED grow lamps and chase high yields; Veg footprint is 2.5x2.5 feet and flowering footprint is 2x2 feet; We provide 3 years warranty and quick response service; if you have any questions, please feel free to shoot an email to us, we are always ready for help.
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MX1200 LED grow light is a cost-effective and high-performance LED grow light. Its mission is to save money for growers. When the market is flooded with samsung LEDs and different no brand names LEDs, we want to do something different. Se we designed and manufactured this MX1200 dimmable LED grow light. It is quality built and different from other LED grow lights.


Model No. MX1200
Input Voltage 100-305VAC
Input Current 0.43-1.2A
Power Draw 120W ±5%
LED Driver Brand MEAN WELL
LED Driver Model No. XLG-150-H-AB
Dimmable Methods 3 in 1 dimming function: 0 ~ 10VDC, or 10V PWM signal or resistance
LED Type 180pcs 1 watt High efficient 3030 SMD LEDs
Spectrum Full spectrum 3000K, 5000K, red 660nm and infrared 730nm
Light Board Size 406x230x10mm (16 x 9.06 x 0.39 inch)
Beam Angle 90 degree
Veg Footprint 3x3FT at 16-20"
Flowering Footprint 2x2FT at 14-16"