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Product Description

  • Self-priming air-conditioning curtains, swingable, a variety of styles to choose from, new top guards, more durable
  • New environmentally friendly PVC soft curtain, anti-UV, formaldehyde free, strong magnetic, not easy to break, green non-toxic
  • Plastic hot-melt magnetic edge, anti-light, no deformation, not easy to break, high elasticity, anti-static, anti-mosquito
  • Soft and anti-aging texture, soft curtains, foldable storage, soft and translucent, long lasting without yellowing
  • High transparency, easy to clean, PVC high transparent crystal plate, upgraded aluminum alloy keel

♦Material: PVC;
♦Installation method: It is recommended to use metal rail mounting to increase the height and width of the door frame during measurement.
♦Features: tear resistance, windproof, dustproof; high transparency, strong magnetic strip, high strength seal; durable, not easy to break, rust
♦Uses: Hanging on doors suitable for various outdoor places, such as supermarkets, factories, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, shops, homes, grow room,green house ,restaurants, car washes, public places

0.4m wide* 2m high Thickness: 1.6mm


Warm reminder: before the purchase, the measurement size is (the size required for the curtain to cover). Take a few pieces according to the width of the door and take a few pieces, and give the aluminum alloy keel to the side for the fixed side (both will be holed). Fix the keel and hang it up (the curtain is long and not short, the length can be cut off, the delivery will be a little more reserved, the length is not a quality problem)