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Discover the Mars Pro II Cree 256 LED Grow Light.

Reliable Brand - Mars Hydro has more than 7 years experience in Grow Tents and LED Grow Lights

  • Incredible powerful. Full spectrum, high quality but with affordable price makes it the best choice for your indoor growing.
  • High Efficiency & Energy saving : Full spectrum special ratios of blue, red and white for both veg and flowering stages.
  • Creative Design : Flexible switch of Growth/Bloom mode.

Detailed Description:

Compare to HPS/MH/HID:800 watt
Certificate:ETL, CE, RoHS
Draw power:Bloom: 650-680w | Growth: 480-510w | Seedling: 170-200w
Amps:5.7 @ 120v | 2.8 @ 240v
Voltage:Input voltage : 85v - 265v
Decibel value:61.4
Coverage:4'x4' (122cm x 122 cm)
Lifespan:50,000 HOURS
View Angle of leds:100°
Spectrum:Cree™ 440nm, 630nm660nm, 2700k-3000k
Plug Type:USA
UPC Number:600740988882
Dimension:23 "x21" x 5" (57cm x 53cm x 12cm)
Work Temperature:-4°F ~105°F (-20°C ~ 40°C)

Package Includes :

1 x Mars Hydro Mars Pro II Cree 256 LED Grow Light
1 x Power Cord
1 x Steel Hanging Kit

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