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the Oasis Horticube 1.25" Medium Cubes

An enhanced biodegradable engineered media for hydroponic seed propagation. The Horticubes eS media has lower density and higher drainage and is specially engineered for hydroponic seed germination of vegetables and leafy greens

A lower density and higher drainage foam, the Horticubes® growing medium is specially engineered for the hydroponics seed germination of vegetables and herbs.
The Horticubes® higher drainage design helps to maintain an ideal air to water balance, even under heavy watering conditions.
The enhanced drainage also keeps the top of the media drier, helping to minimize algae growth.
The lower density of the Horticubes® foam medium enables superior root growth.

Features and Benefits of Horticubes

- High-drainage product characteristic is ideal for crops requiring a high air porosity
- Specifically engineered balance of water and air promotes vigorous root development
- Maintains the original air porosity: the cells do not compact after continual watering
- Pre-dibbled seed holes are uniform in depth and spacing, which makes it easy to automate the seeding process
- Consistent product quality, cell-to-cell
- Sterile media arrives pathogen-free, to help reduce disease and insect problems
- User friendly, no need for protective gear or clothing when handling
- Easy to separate cubes at transplant
- No starter fertilizer for maximum nutrient flexibility
- 20 sheets per box (104 cells per sheet)

the Oasis Rootcubes 1.25 in Medium Cubes (5010) 104 / Sheet

Rootcubes Growing Medium offers a versatile system that has multiple applications for those crops that require high water usage. This medium is designed to drain off excess water from the base of the cutting or seed, yet provide for the proper balance of air/water needed for good root development.

An engineered hydrophilic foam cutting propagation medium specifically designed for optimal callus and rapid root development.
Rootcubes® growing media contains just the right amount of starter nutrients and are an especially economical propagation media.

Best for (crops): Unrooted cuttings such as poinsettias, geraniums, hibiscus, New Guinea impatiens, fuchsia, foliage, perennials, and woody ornamentals.

Features AND benefits

- Ready-to-use in numerous configurations right out of the box
- The consistency of the media creates more uniform rooting success
- Provides ideal air to water ratio
- Superior cutting hydration: Less need for misting simplifies growing process
- Low Cation exchange properties: Improves the speed, precision and availability of nutrients
- Sterile media arrives pathogen-free, to help reduce disease and insect problems
- Roots remain undisturbed during transplant, eliminating plant shock
- Easy to separate cubes