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Leaf trimmers are an important part of any garden’s final harvest. The Pro-Cut Fast is an easy-to-use leaf trimmer, and can trim big harvests with speed and ease. With this leaf trimmer, you can save effort, time and money trimming leaves and unwanted branches from your crop.

Pro-Cut Fast leaf trimmer has robust rubber tongues and strong steel blades so it can be easily used for heavy duty garden trimming jobs. It is made of stainless steel, so you don't have to worry about corrosion.

Instead of spending hours hand-trimming leaves, this highly effective, powerful, and affordable trimmer does it for you- and it doesn't make noise when in use. It separates excess leaves and stems from a variety of plants and flowers with it tempered steel blade, which makes a very clean cut without damaging the plant.

This leaf trimmer does lots of work in a short interval time, delivering high quality result . It is safe and easy to use and it has a “fill and spill” leaf recovery system.

In order to find the right garden trimming machine, first determine the usage and size of the job at hand. Hand-held plant clippers work for most cases.


Brand Pro-Cut
SKU 777125
Weight (lb.) 181
Prop 65 No
Height (in.) 36
Width (in.) 40
Length (in.) 48
Lead Time Due to social distancing requirements, this item ships in 3 weeks
UL Listed No
Trimmer Type Bowl
Operation Motorized
Feed Type Batch Feed
Plant Material Wet
Voltage 120 Volt