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Redytek R2P™ Manual Hand-Crank Heat Press with up to 3 Tons of pressure.

  • Up To 6000 lb / 3 Tons of pressing force
  • Touchscreen Dual Temp Controls w/ Timer. 2×4″ Dual Heating Plates
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius Temperature Settings
  • Silent and Easy to Use
  • Ready2Press No Additional Tools Required
  • Pressure is held after each crank of the wheel
  • Easy to move with full 360º˚ view of pressing action
  • Downforce of crank, sturdy handle and heavy duty suction cups keep machine in place.
  • Discreet packaging and shipping.


3-Ton Manual Crank Rosin Press!
Dual Heat
Digital Timer
Silent Use
Crank Handle
Touch Screen
Mini, Portable, Home Rosin Machine!

All In One Rosin Press

No additional equipment is required. Unbox, plug in, set temp and you are ready to crank! Dual circuit boards keep accurate temperature of both platens. Precise pressure control.

LCD Touchscreen Temp. Control

Easy to see, touch screen control panel. 

Redytek™ presses can be set to Fahrenheit or Celsius. 

Slow, precise, presses, time after time.

Dual Heat Aluminum Plates.

Precision temperature control of top and bottom platens.

Solid aluminum plates provide even heat distribution for consistent rosin production.

Over 1″ thick heating element inserts.