Roleadro 600/800/1200W LED Grow Light

  • Reasonable Spectrum and Upgraded Dual-Chip: 84 full-spectrum reflectors and 12 blue spectral reflectors form a reasonable spectrum. This design can ensure the most useful spectrum for plants growing in all stage and the blue spectrum can maximum the speed of leaves growing. 2 chips in each reflector for enhanced light intensity.
  • White Flame-Retardant Plastic Case & 60 Degree Reflector Cup: This light is made of a white flame-retardant casing, and the appearance is beautiful, generous and simple. It is safe and reliable in use. 60 degree reflector cup to perfectly reflect all dispersed light on plants, effectively reduces light loss compared to traditional lumen beads, and the illumination area and brightness level can be increased.
  • Convenient Daisy Chain: 2-3 lights can be chained in a line, space saving and keep grow tent tidy, more convenient and safer in use.
  • Efficient Heat Dissipation and Quiet: High-quality fans and aluminum heat sinks ensure efficient heat dissipation and extend life. The lower noise makes it not affect your life.

Specific Product Information:

Size 600W 800W 1200W
Product Dimension 12.17* 8.44* 2.87 inch 14.96*8.35*2.17 inches 14.96*11.81*2.52 inch
Product Weight 2.43 lb 4.74 lb 6.28 lb
LEDs QTY 96*2 pcs 256pcs leds 192*2 pcs
Average Operating Power 165W 190W 310W
Input Voltage AC100-140V AC108V-132V AC 108V¨D132V
Lifespan 50,000 Hours 50,000 Hours 50,000 Hours
Certifications CE/RoHS Approved CE/RoHS Approved CE/RoHS Approved
In the box you'll find: 1*600w Led Grow Light 1*Power Cord 1*Stainless steel hanger 1*User¡¯s Manual 1*800w Led Grow Light 1*Power cord 1*Stainless steel hanger 1*User¡¯s Manual 1*1200w Led Grow Light 1*Power Cord 1*Stainless steel hanger 1*User¡¯s Manual

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