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High Yield Rosin Extraction Doesn’t Get Simpler
The Daxtractor™ presents the cutting edge of rosin press technology, harnessing the power of 25 tons of hydraulic pressure and fitting it into a compact solid carbon steel frame that’s small enough to fit on your home countertop. This portable rosin press machine still turns out big results, easily producing a maximum yield on the very first press within mere minutes. Don’t have time to get bogged down by a complex machine installation? No worries; this rosin press comes fully assembled and ready-to-use right out of the box. No tools, no air compressors, just straightforward plug-and-play action. It’s also easy to clean and maintain thanks to the nickel-coating of the dual-heated aluminum plates.

Made right here in the U.S.A. and subjected to scrutinizing professional testing, the Daxtractor™ Hydraulic Rosin Press produces outstanding results with unparalleled simplicity.

Each Daxtractor unit comes in a protective hardshell rolling Pelican case for your convenience.

The Daxtractor is a hydraulic press that uses heat and pressure to create a solvent-less extract within minutes. Because it does not use a solvent to extract the plant matter, this technique is a pure and clean way to produce a concentrate.

The Daxtractor press is unique to the rosin field as it packs 25 tons of hydraulic pressure into a solid carbon steel frame. It is small enough to be placed on your kitchen counter and can be easily moved to the lab for industrial use.

Custom built for the Rosin industry:

  • 25 tons of hydraulic pressure creates maximum yield on the very first press.
  • No air compressor is needed.
  • Includes rolling Pelican 1560 travel case.
  • A rugged gun-barrel style finish protects from wear and tear.
  • The dual-heated aluminum plates are nickel coated for easy cleaning.
  • Compact, portable, and travel friendly.
  • The Daxtractor arrives fully assembled and ready for use.
  • Tested and backed by pros across the globe.