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The RosinBomb Rocket is one of the smallest rosin presses on the market and the easiest to use. Weighing only 13 pounds and standing a mere 10 inches tall, it easily fits in a backpack.

It is an electric press, meaning no manual operation and no noisy air compressor needed.

As soon as your Rocket arrives, you can plug it in and start pressing. This tiny rosin press crushes up to 5 grams of material in one go with its massive 1500 pounds of pressure.

EveryoneDoesIt are proud to be able to offer you the Rocket rosin press. The Rocket is the latest and most compact press to come out of the RosinBomb headquarters in Seattle, Washington and we think it is their best to date. 100% American made, this press works in just the same way as the original M50 except that this one has been designed to give you as compact and discreet a package as possible while still delivering the amazing performance and results of it's bigger brothers. Not only that, but they knew it had to be cheap enough that any serious oil ripper can look at it and justify having one on their desk at home. This really had to be a press for everyday use.

Like other RosinBomb presses the Rocket uses purely electric power to generate in excess of 1500lbs of force to press and squeeze every single little bit of rosin out of your material. Thanks to the lack of hydraulics, the RosinBomb is much quieter and certainly lower maintenance than any other type of automated press out there right now which is always an advantage when you want the best possible results but still need to be subtle.

Design & Display

The Rocket is the most compact and discreet press to come from RosinBomb to date. Built with the everyday oil in mind, RosinBomb have made this press simple to use while ensuring it produces great results every time. Standing at 10 inches high, this press is surprisingly portable as it will fit into a standard backpack, weighs only 15 lbs (around 6kg) and can also be used anywhere you can find a plug socket. The display on the RosinBomb Press clearly shows the current temperature, which adjustable by the degree, so you always know what temperature your plates are at. This is an important factor to keep note of, especially if you are pressing different materials.

Heat, Pressure & Plates

Even though it has been designed to be super compact and give superb quality extracts, the Rocket doesn't compromise when it comes to the kind of quantity it can process. The pressing plates measure 3.2" x 2.8" so the Rosinbomb can comfortably press 5 grams of flower or sift in a single go, which means you will have plenty of beautiful, tasty, solventless extract in no time at all.

The temperature setting of the plates is fully adjustable, you can run it anywhere from ambient all the way up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit (149 degrees Celcius), with the optimum range being around the 200-220F (95-105C). This first batch of the new Rockets is sure to sell out quickly so grab yours today and join the Rosin Revolution to see why ripping oils is the way forward.

RosinBomb Rocket Features

  • Plates: 3.2” x 2.8” dual heat plates
  • Pressure: 1500 pounds (much more than similarly sized presses)
  • Capacity: can crush up to 5 grams in a single press
  • 100% Electric: no compressor needed
  • Quiet Operation: no compressor means no loud noise
  • Plug And Play: no additional components required
  • Sturdy Construction: made from 22-gauge stainless steel
  • Temperature Range: 35° - 300° F
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Current: 3A
  • Dimensions: 10 (H) by 6 by 6 inches
  • Weight: 13 pounds
  • Warranty: 1-year factory warranty on electronic components, 5 years on structural parts

Step 1: Plug in and turn on the unit using the switch on the cord. Allow the unit to preheat for approximately 10 minutes until the temperature reaches around 210° F (99° C). Temperature will affect yield.

Step 2: Press 1 to 5 grams (maximum) of flower or other organic material. Put the material in a rosin filter bag (optional for flower) and put everything between two sheets of parchment paper (or between two halves of one sheet folded in half).

Step 3: Place the whole package (material inside the parchment paper and optional bag) on the unit; center the material on the bottom plate.

Step 4: Hold the PRESS button until the plates press together and then release the button. Wait until you see rosin seeping through the side of the paper. When the flow stops (about 2 minutes) the process is complete.

Step 5: Push the RELEASE button. Reset the machine using the RELEASE and PRESS buttons, again, to get another grab at the material and maximize your yield.

Step 6: Cool the rosin before handling. Wait at least 5 minutes or until cool to the touch. Use a scraper (or similar tool) to remove the rosin.

Step 7: Clean the plates with rubbing alcohol (91%) using a clean cloth. Keep the plates clean for optimum performance.