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Slim 320h Dimmable LED Grow Light is a top of the line LED Fixture that is sure to amaze anybody who uses it. This all Aluminum fixture is lightweight, sleek, and built to provide maximum passive cooling capabilities for the Optic Double Row LED Strips. Black Rails on both Sides of the Light give it a really aggressive look with the white Slim 320h Logo on 1 side and the Meanwell, Samsung & CREE Logos on the otherside

Powered by a "Best in Class" Meanwell HLG 320H Dimmable Driver giving you many years of reliability and top of the line efficiency. Slim 320h Represents the integration of the Best from CREE, the Best from Samsung and best from Meanwell. Samsung's horticulture specific LM301h White LEDs are in the class of "Most Efficient" from Samsung and they go through a special lens treatment to standup to high humidity environments. CREE XPE LEDs are the most efficient "main stream" Multi colored LED used today. Featuring CREE's 460nm Deep Blue and 660nm Deep Red for a balanced Spectrum that can be absorbed in ultra high intensities, best possible flower quality and density.

Coverage Area:

Flowers: Veg:

2' x 4' area (.6m x 1.2m) 2' x 4' area @ 12-24"

3' x 5' area (.9m x 1.5m) 4' x 4' area @24"

(Shown in 2' x 4' tent .6m x 1.2m below)


Max Power: 320 Watts

Dimmers: 1


Samsung LM301H 3500k Top Bin - Mixed White LEDs

12 pcs CREE XPE 460nm Royal Blue

24 pcs CREE XPE 660nm Deep Red

Driver: Meanwell HLG 320H Dimmable

Grams Per Watt: 2.0

PPF/W: 2.9 umols/J

PPFD: 1,200+

Thermal Management: Passively Cooled (fanless technology)

Lenses: 120 Degree Wide Beam

Fixture Size: 41" x 21"

Spectrum: 3500K + 460nm Royal Blue & 660nm Deep Red
Slim 320H Provides Wall to Wall uniform light spread.

OpticLED Master Controller is compatible with Slim 320h

(Pre-Orders for the Controller will be available this week)

This Screen Shown here below is the Manual Dimmer adjustments page

Automated Sunrise and Sunset Settings on the Master Controller


Ships in a double Box with foam molds, guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition

Full Details coming soon!