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Product Description

  • CUSTOMIZABLE MULTIUSE TIMER FOR YOUR HOME – Make your everyday routines easier and faster by programming on/off timers for things like grow lights, fans, kitchen appliances, cell phone chargers, your heater and A/C, aquariums, and other electronics!
  • SIMPLE SET AND GO PROGRAMMING: You have the option of selection one of the individual pre-set combination days and customize your own settings!
  • PROTECT YOUR GROW ROOM: Activate the Vacation Mode function to randomize your lights and make your grow room look “lived in” whether you choose to stay or when you are away.
  • SAVE ENERGY & MONEY: With automatic timers, save money on electricity and help preserve the life of your devices!

Use this programmable pre-set timer to automatically switch on/off any digital device or electronic equipment and never worry about forgetting to turn a device on or off again!

Our power timer can easily set up to 8 different on/off programs to control your devices whenever YOU want.
Outlets are controlled simultaneously and pre-set programs include once a day, once pre a set amount of days, or several times per day. You can switch the timer to Daylight Savings mode with a press of a button!
With built-in Ni-MH rechargeable battery, our timer saves your pre-sets even when disconnected to an outlet or in a power outage.
Perfect for grow light and all other appliances that need to be switched on and off at regular intervals. It even works for indoor grow light, industry electronics like open/closed signs, billboards, and stage lighting!

You can use this product if you want to keep your money and not waste it on high electric bills and replacing worn out digital electronics!
Use our timer to control greenhouse garden automatic lights, hydroponic systems, and airflow to keep your plants healthy!