Spectrum King 100W LED Grow Light for Home Plant (Mother's Little Helper)


The Spectrum King Mother's Lil Helper 100W LED Grow Light 100 Watt Patent Pending Veg Spectrum LED Grow Light that is proudly made in the USA.

It easily replaces your old T5 banks, CFLs and 250W CMH fixtures while reducing power consumption by 60% and producing substantially less heat.

You can have beautiful healthy plants with just 100 watts of power!

Coverage Area: 16 sq ft (4 ft x 4 ft)

Safety Certified and IP65 Rated. With a specially designed rugged waterproof housing. It's designed for use in wet and humid conditions and fit for indoor and outdoor use.

Mother's Lil Helper's efficient heat sink minimizes radiant heat, which can be problematic in small tent environments. 

Its specially designed 90-degree reflectors spread light evenly to your plants.

Comes with a six-foot power cord, hanging clips and bracket for easy installation.


Characteristics : 

  • 100 Watt Full Spectrum LED Veg Light. Replace your old T5 banks, CFLs and 250W CMH fixtures.
  • Designed for Mother plants, seedlings and clones.
  • Preferred use for vegetative growth only.
  • Driverless LED Technology.
  • With rugged IP65 rated water resistant housing the Mother’s Lil Helper 100 LED Grow Light is perfect for wet and humid environments.
  • Mother’s Lil Helper 100 LED Grow Light has 90-degree reflectors specially designed to spread light evenly.

Product specifications

  • Light Source – LED
  • Input Voltage – 110V-240V
  • Frequency Range – 50~60Hz
  • Power Consumption – 100W
  • Amperage Draw – 110V = 0.83A | 240V = 0.45A
  • Ideal Replacement – 2-4 Bulb T5 Units
  • Lumens – 9,000-10,000
  • CCT – 5,000K
  • Lifespan – >50,000 Hrs
  • Light Beam Angle – 90 Degree
  • Body Lens – Glass
  • Body Case Material – Die Cast Aluminum
  • Product Size – 11.5″W x 11.5H” x 9.5″ D
  • Product Weight – 5 lbs
  • Suitable Distance Over Canopy 90° Reflector – 18” – 24”
  • Coverage Area Veg – 4’x4’
  • Replaces T5, 400Watt MH and 315CMH fixtures.
  • Rugged IP65 rated water resistant heatsink, suitable for wet and humid environments.
  • Commercial grade fixture designed for years of consistent maintenance free use.
  • Warranty: Guaranteed to maintain 90% or better light output for 3 YEARS with regular use and 5 years mechanical

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