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  • High Quality - this DE fixture is certified by ETL. The production of each machine is subject to strict inspection standards, high-quality German materials and superb manufacturing processes to ensure the durability and safety of the HPS system.
  • Adjustable Power - This complete fixture includes a built-in 120v/240v 1000w adjustable high-frequency ballast for running double-ended lamps。This ballast was designed with dimming features which could match different wattage lamps on the same ballast.
  • Self-Protection Mechanism - When the grow HPS system is at a dangerous input or output voltage, the protection mechanism is activated, and the machine is automatically stopped to avoid damage to the machine or pose a threat to the human body.
  • Automatic Cooling - Inner heats will dissipate through the case. When the case temperature rises up to 85℃, the ballast will gradually reduce power to 80%; When the case temperature reaches to 90℃, the ballast will stop working until cool down to 70℃, then returns to full power status. Protect the machine from damage due to excessive temperature.