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Now, with two operators per Stripper Machine, commercial gardens are routinely processing upwards of 12 wet pounds per hour, day in and day out. That's about 80% faster than by hand and much easier too!

Don't be fooled by low quality, over-seas imitation that don't have the power of the trimming ability that the Stripper has. Every garden we've dealt with that's tried cheaper machines has either sold them, or thrown them out to buy more Stripper Machines.

All Stripper Machines now come complete with stainless steel stands and a heavy-duty leaf collection bag, perfect for recreational growers required to weigh their materials.


Brand Trimworkz
Weight (lb.) 80
Prop 65 No
Height (in.) 15
Width (in.) 34
Length (in.) 27
Lead Time Ships in 4-5 Days
UL Listed No
Trimmer Type Stand Up
Operation Motorized
Feed Type Single Branch
Plant Material Wet
Production Capability 12lbs/hr Wet
Voltage 110-115V
Amps 5.5A

Quick and Easy Process

High-suction integral fan and blade design pulls leaves into the machine for faster/closer cutting. Saves 80% the work and time of hand leafing.

Easy Clean

All stainless design, easier cleaning without product contamination. Included bag system makes leaf collection fast and easy.