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Widely Applied: This ventilation combo is widely applied in various fields including indoor gardens, grow tents, green rooms, hydroponics, commercial cooling and industrial applications.
Inline Duct Fan: Essential equipment for positive pressure ventilation. Transfer heating/cooling to rooms in a quick and reasonably quiet way.
Carbon Filter: Remove odors and purifies air by sucking the air in the room, and expelling it out of the room.

These Typhoon XL Series high performance mixed flow fans feature:
- Superior steel construction (10’’, 12’’) with black powder coated baked paint
- convenient sizes from 6 to 12 inches
- They incorporate a "tape flange" that allows you to place the ducting on the fan and tape it in place easily!
- Balanced motors with permanently lubricated ball bearings ensure vibration-free operation
- Typhoon XL mixed flow Fans offer high quality at a low price
- The fans are engineered for long life, made with the highest quality components
- include an attached 120 Volt, 8 foot power cord
- Engineered for vibration-free operation
- Mounting bracket included
- These fans feature a 5 year warranty

Package includes
1 x Mountain Air 1040
1 x Typhoon XL 10''