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The Unit Farm UFO-120 LED grow light incorporates high-output Cree and Osram™ LEDs for ultimate reliability, intensity, and efficiency.

The Unit Farm series features Veg and Flower modes to help you save energy during Veg and provide your plants with the blue wavelengths needed for lush growth without any stretching.

The state-of-the-art reflectors blend the wavelengths while directing the light down to your plants.

Unit Farm LED grow lights are an affordable, reliable alternative compared to the many other LED grow lights on the market.

Detailed description

- Specification: UFO-120
- Par Value: 1857.4umol
- Lumen: 12164 Lm±5%@AC120V 11958 Lm±5%@AC240V
- Power draw: 270W ±5%@AC120V 260W ±5%@AC240V
- Input Voltage: AC85-265V
- Ampere: 2.224A/120V 1.108A/240V
- Flower Coverage: 2.7ft*3.7ft
- Veg Coverage: 4.5ft*5.5ft
- Spectrum: 450~475nm 620~630nm, 650~660nm, and white
- Light Dimension: 490*300*80MM
- Package Dimension: 585*375*150MM
- Net Weight: 5.6KG
- Gross Weight: 7KG
- DB: 49.5dB
- Frequency: 50-60HZ

Package includes

1x Unit Farm UFO-120 LED Grow Light

1.How do I determine the right light for my grow area?

Measure the floor space. Multiply the length times the width and this will give you the square footage. You should be able to get decent results with 30-50 actual watts of power per square foot.

2.For larger areas should I go with a single large panel or multiple medium to small lights?

Using multiple lights allows you to better distribute the intense light in more areas of the grow space instead of having all of the higher intensity light concentrated in only one area while the outer edges never receive intense light.

3.Recommended Hanging Distance Above Plants

Seedling: 24'' Germination: 24''-30'' Veg: 18''-24'' Flower: 12''-18''

4.Here are more tips for grow under our light:

Growth stage, turn Growth switch on. Bloom stage, turn Growth and Bloom switches on.

5.Recommended Lighting Time

Veg: 18/6(on/off) or 20/4(on/off) Flower: 12/12(on/off)

6.Recommended Growing Conditions

The rate of photosynthesis and transpiration are directly affected by temperature, humidity and airflow.

The perfect temperature and humidity for your plants are found between 75°-85°F and 50% - 70% humidity, with plenty of airflow to replenish CO2. PH is 6-6.5. You may add more calcium and magnesium than normally needed.

7.Please Note

The light is not water-proof, so do not use it under water environment.

Light may be too strong, please wear your sunglasses when looking at it.

Some leds seem dim. They are IR. Human eye can not see IR very clearly, but you can wear sunglasses to check.