VIVOSUN Air Filtration Grow Kits

ADVANCED MADE EASY: Don¡¯t waste time buying and returning parts that may or may not be compatible or safe to use together! Three-part system includes every part you need to get set up.
PREMIUM CARBON FILTER: Interior and exterior mesh construction provides 53% open area for free air flow. Item comes fully assembled with easy on/off pre-filter and reversible flange.
STURDY DUCTING+ 2 Stainless Clamps: Strong, flexible steel wire supports heavy duty triple layer duct walls.PET core is sandwiched in layers of fire-retardant aluminum that can handle temperatures from -22 to 266 Fahrenheit.
POWERFUL INLINE FAN: Moves air through your target location efficiently for optimal ventilation.
4 Inch: Power: 68W Current: 0.62A Noise Level: 49 dB; Fan speed: 2500 rpm 110V/60HZ; ETL recognized components.
6 Inch: Heavy hitting blower with a fan speed of 2450 RPM; Puts out only 50 dB noise level.
8 Inch: Heavy hitting blower with a fan speed of 2450 RPM; Puts out only 53 dB noise level.
4 Inch: 1050+ RC 48 Activated Carbon delivers 100% filtered airflow; Dimension: 4x14 inches
6 Inch: 1050+ RC 48 Australian Virgin Charcoal Bed. Dimensions: 6x18 inches
8 Inch: 1050+ RC 48 Australian Virgin Charcoal Bed. Dimensions: 8x 22 inches

Specific Product Information:

Inline Fan
Safe temperature range for operation: - 104¨H to 149¨H; Safe air-humidity range: 5% to 95% RH (Relative Humidity)
Presence of electrically-conductive air particles: the air in the area of operation should be free of significant concentrations of electrically-conductive particles such as active carbon, ferrous powders, etc.
Suitable for green rooms / grow tent (hydroponics), hospital rooms, commercial cooling and industrial applications.
Ducting & Clamps
Made from high quality aluminum, temperature resistant, corrosion proof, durable and environment-friendly.
Three-layer thickness: (Aluminum Foil + PET + Aluminum Foil): Flame-retardant coating; Temperature range: -22 to 266 Fahrenheit.
Built-in steel wire for reinforcement and lasting performance.
Flexible length for exhaust fan blower / inline fan; quick and easy to set up.
Perfect for Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC), Kitchens, Bathrooms, Greenhouses, Grow Rooms, Grow Tents, etc.
Carbon Filter
Inner & Outer Mesh
Provides a 53% open area which allows for increased air flow.
Reversible Flange & Base
Intended for longer service life, up to 2 years in life expectancy.
Two Belts Included in the package.

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